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Website Design and Development


To Best Represent You to Your Clients:

The development process for web site design begins with an accessment to determine your site's focus which accurately  represents your business to your visitors. Since you know your clients best, your input is valuable to the  content and creative development of the site. Web Site Design by Frankie Foster provides comprehensive services customized to your site's needs.

Technology and Design

After assessing your needs, we define effective solutions to deliver a product optimized and tailored toward your target audience. The technical structure includes components needed for search engine ranking, browser compatibility, and for an optimized, quick loading site.

Website Services and Features


Simple, Straight Forward Pricing 

Since we quote on a project basis, we prepare a comprehensive written proposal for every project. Our price quote will be inclusive of our services required for each project.

Before we can prepare our proposal, we’ll speak with you and ask specific questions about your goals for the project. This helps up prepare the proposal to your needs and budget.

You will know exactly the cost. There are no hidden fees.

You are welcome to view some of our web designs.

We design the appearance of the site giving it a professional, attractive, interesting appearance. The site structure will incorporate proper technology and elements for natural website optimization.

Quotation includes some suggestions for rewriting some of the copy on the home page. The foundation of the site's search engine rankings begins with the copy, content, and the presentation.

We assist clients with the process from initiation of the project to the publishing of the site. The website's usability will allow visitors easy assess to information and movement throughout the site. Site design will be versatile and expandable. Menus are accessible to assistive readers, keyboard users, and when JavaScript is disabled.

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